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Website Development

Developing functional, effective and attractive websites to drive better business results.

Digital Marketing

Empowering the digital presence of businesses by creating strong brand awareness.


Making business processes and daily tasks easier for business owners, resulting in both cost and time savings.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Handling tedious bookkeeping and accounting tasks to keep business finances up-to-date.

Virtual Reception

Managing calls, emails and calendars virtually for businesses with hectic client appointments.

Creative Production

Delivering the best quality of creative media from graphics, photo & video editing, writing, product packaging and other design tasks.


Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here. For more specific concerns, please send us an inquiry through the message box above.
We offer a variety of services which mostly involve creative production, administration, digital marketing, website development, bookkeeping & accounting and virtual receptionist services.
Let us know your business goals and the tasks that you need done. We’ll handle the hiring & onboarding process. Management of the Virtual Assistant, including the payment processes, will be managed by W Digital Solutions.
Please contact us at hello@wdigitalsolutions.com.au so we can setup a face to face meeting.
We have a pool of virtual assistants ready to work. Our process is we determine the nature of work for your requirements, line up the VAs that specialises in what you need, interview them, send short exams if necessary, then present candidates to you. When a VA is chosen, we orient and onboard the VA to be managed by us. All VAs are trained with the SOPs & software that are needed to deliver the best quality of work.
Yes, we offer a free 1-week trial for certain business requirements like social media engagements. But do reach out at hello@wdigitalsolutions.com.au so we can personalise a trial for you.

If you need the best help for your business operations and need to build sustainable and affordable business processes, you will definitely need a virtual assistant. If you struggle with making time for core business tasks that hinder further business growth, you will definitely need a virtual assistant. If you are finding yourself overwhelemed with a lot of work, you will definitely need a virtual assistant!

A professional who works remotely for clients providing administrative, creative, marketing and technical assistance. VAs help businesses by establishing a process for each task aiming for maximum productivity, ensuring that your time is spent on more important processes, organizing & analyzing data for you, executing your creative ideas and finishing tedious daily tasks.
Our prices start from $17 per hour but prices may vary according to scope of work and specialised needs. We also have customized packages that are suitable to your budget. For one-time projects, kindly send us a message at hello@wdigitalsolutions.com.au
We are fully committed to delivering only the best output for you. Our team of virtual assistants are multi-skilled, experienced and trained with great work ethic. The work process we implement assures less cost, on-time, flexible to adjustments and of high quality.
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